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1688Lbs Defined

Birthed in the heart of the City, The Founders of 1688Lbs set out to assist in injecting substance back into a street culture that has been watered down by an over-saturation of meaningless product. 

“Chicago before they knew Chicago” as they put it- defines what it means to be 1688Lbs. The number ‘1688’ is representative of a year in which the birth of the name ‘Chicago’ was realized, even before the establishment of the city we know today. The ‘Lbs.’, which we all know to be the abbreviation for the unit of measurement ‘Pounds’ was their way of making the year 1688 be as substantial to everyone else, as it was to us. Heavy.   

1688Lbs was built to deliver a bold message that continues to push the envelope of controversy and undeniable truth. Collaborating with locals to unite and deliver “Chicago” to the world